Welcome to Think Alternative.

Advocating diversity in the alternative investments industry. 


We are SRP’s response to the need to improve the level of diversity in the alternative investment space to make the industry fit for the future. 



Our mission is to:


  • Be the voice of D&I within the alternative investments space

We will produce editorial articles, opinion pieces, research, thought-leadership and more to shed light on the progress and development of D&I in the alternative investment space. Our aim is to equip you with tools to inspire your internal D&I policy-building.

  • Create an open network

Through our free-to-attend events, we hope to establish cross-industry collaboration, where the sharing of ideas and setting of mutual goals will drive the creation of a more inclusive work space.


If you're interested in becoming part of a movement that will help companies prepare their workforce for tomorrow, please sign up, get your boss to sign up and start being part of the conversation.




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